Crystal therapy

My jorney to the crystals world

My passion about the crystals started 7 years ago. I felt it during a crystal therapy. 7 Small stones on my body started to change my being state. After 15 minutes I felt so relaxed, safe, loved, inspired, in peace and harmony… all my chakras were opened and in so balance. Then i realized a pover of crystals energy. It was so amazing experience that felt in love with them so much. I started to feel every stone and go more deep into connection with them, just started to be, meditate. I realized that I’m spending more and more time with them and later I started to share my discoveries with other people. After that I started to feel the crystals much deeper, as a magical healing energy.

Magical connection with the crystals

Crystals for me it is the presents of Mother Earth. I always say that the most important is to feel the crystal and to create the connection between you and its energy. Then it even doesn’t matter you know the name or healing properties of it. It is talking by itself. You feel and you know.

And when you create the magical Connection with the stones you will start to feel like a friend energy, that supports you in a moment then you need it and it really helps us to grow and remember who we are.




What are the crystals?

They have measurable vibration, crystalline structure and specific chemical composition. When they are close to the human body a resonance occurs and the person starts to resonate with a divine energy that the crystals vibrate. All this brings very beautiful feelings in our lives.


How to choose the crystal and how to use it?

I invite you intuitively to choose the stone that attracts you. The attracted stone responses to you and you feel some kind of invisible connection between you and stone. And it means that it is the best choice for you. Everyone body is absolutely different and has different experience, thinking, character, therefore, different stones can help to different people in the same situation.